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Views are Like Customers to Writers

Writing online entails considering how many impressions, views, visitors/reads, comments, shares, and reactions each article gets. These digital assets symbolize the money made from each article.

How many views did that article get — that poem, story, blog post, picture, art piece? The number will determine how much money the article made.

While most writers appreciate even one single read, this doesn’t pay much. On the high end, this might bring .02 cents. Usually, around half a cent, or $5 RMP.

Different Writing Platforms and Efforts

At Medium views don’t turn into a specific amount of money, rather they are merely an indication of possible money — reads are more important at Medium, as they correlate closely with any money made. Each read at Medium this month made me around that .02 cent mark!

The reads at Medium might not be from members, so may not make us money. Still, on average, both views and reads equal a certain estimated amount for each Medium writer.

At Vocal, they make it simple with $6 RPM, plus the chance to win bonuses each week and place in writing contests.

Each platform is different, yet the overall focus for writers is on the views (orders of books for authors). The writing business depends on views like service industries depend on customers or clients. They are vital for making money.

Oversaturated Online Writer Market

The problem is many other writers are trying to get views too. The industry is oversaturated with writers, leaving fewer customers/views to go around. The ebb and flow of those who join and those who quit has been leaving a growing amount of ambitious writers giving it their all.

For many, their all is seemingly insignificant in the sea of mass competition. Trying to bite and scratch for views, trying to bribe and cajole, trying to barge our way through the crowded room of writing fools, hacks, journeymen, and savants— to get somewhere, to get some views!

Just like different business approaches, each writer has their own way of getting views/customers (whether it works well or not). Their writing style, efforts at marketing, and building a writing system they groove with. Mostly, their writing voice.

The Writer’s Voice:

Craft, heart, skill, intelligence, talent, temperance, English literacy, editorial skills, understanding of diction and syntax, range of vocabulary, values, beliefs, bravery, and soul.

How many views can each writer’s voice attract?

What are their writing intentions?

The variables are myriad and infinite, yet the goal is the same. Finding/attracting and building an audience, which brings views.

Each book sold is like a view for authors; maybe, the impressions on the ads, the clicks, and then the orders— how many impressions and clicks for each order.

The Ebb and Flow of Views

Tracking our failures and successes. Stat pages on each platform and analytical tools tell us the cold hard truth. How many views…

Views go up and down, writers come and go. The cycle continues, yet only those who cling on for dear life or have talent and favor will make it to the other side — the place where views are plentiful and writing takes on a new meaning within your loving soul.

Only the desperate and naturally talented will make it. While some may get favor in one time-space moment, one day it may be your time while they whither away on their laurels from one simple creative hack.


Views are like customers to writers, we must have them to make money and be heard. How much money do we need to satiate the money monster ruling our lives, each writer knows, maybe none for the altruistic wealthy or comfortably retired writer; maybe none for the poverty-stricken menial worker dreaming to create and be heard as a reward in itself.

The art tries to live on within the views and reads, within the comments and likes, within the money and acclaim, and within the hearts and minds of those who intently seek its expression despite disruptive challenges and frail human propensities. Maybe the art lives on because of these things and not despite them.

Yes, views may come and go like the wind, yet our intent as writers shouldn’t. We should steadfastly approach the unknown, even with fears of failure, and write the words that we feel need to be said. Not for money, not for views — for our love of writing and expressing what we feel is important.

Remember, we always get two views, one from ourselves and one from God. Maybe we don’t get paid for these, yet they mean the most.

Happy writing.

Originally published at Medium in Word Garden


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