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NewsBreak vs. Medium/30-day Comparison

February was the first month for me being monetized at NewsBreak and the second month for Medium. The results are in and they are drastically different. In this article, I’ll share the details and some thoughts about them.

To make this easier with how both of these writing sites show stats, let’s compare the stats from Feb. 4 to March 4, or the last 30 days.


Articles: 20

Views: 60k

Likes: 1,104

Money made: $440


Articles: 14

Views: 1,734

Claps: 124

Money made: $10.75


Although my Medium account goes back to August 2018, I’ve only started seriously writing there since early Dec. 2022 (three months ago).

I started writing at NewsBreak in late Dec. 2022.

Here are some stats on my overall efforts at these platforms:


Followers: 803

Articles: 44


Followers: 417

Articles: 69


While I’m grateful for any money made on both platforms, the difference is fairly drastic. NewsBreak is a place where you can actually make decent money for your articles, Medium is a place where you can make at least something for your articles.

I’ve read earning reports from Medium writers that show there is potential to make decent money, yet the amounts really don’t compare with NewsBreak.

NewsBreak also doesn’t require writers to work at gaining a following; tasks such as reading other writers’ articles, clapping, commenting, and following, aren’t required to build a following and get views.

I’m not sure how long NewsBreak will last or stay popular, but it is a very popular news app that gets your stories in front of many people quickly. The shelf life for a story isn’t as long as Medium, yet in reality, old stories likely get more views than they do at Medium, it just pales in comparison to the massive views they get at first.

My most popular article at NewsBreak has gotten over 14k views and earned me around $180.

My most popular article on Medium has gotten 443 views and earned $1.63. This is since I joined the Partner Program; I have an article that has 1,500 views and earned $1.02.


If you wonder why Medium writers who get approved for monetization at NewsBreak suddenly disappear from Medium, this is the reason.

I like Medium as a writing community more than I like NewsBreak, yet I just don’t have time to work the site enough to make decent money.

Almost all the articles I publish on Medium are written elsewhere on my blogs or NewsBreak, so any money made from them is a bonus.

What I’ve learned writing and reading at Medium for three months is the articles that do the best are written for the Medium audience. This means articles about Medium or articles about life itself. Writing about life lessons, social commentary, and inspirational pieces is what seems to do the best at Medium.

With all that said, I’m grateful to be part of both writing communities and look forward to watching them grow in the future.


If you want to be a contributor at NewsBreak, use my referral link to get started.

If you want to become a member at Medium, use my referral link to get started


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