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The Information Machine vs. the Creative Thinker

The AI-curated online world has created a new breed, yet some hold on to their creative uniqueness despite the pervasive trend.

The stormtrooper gazes at the flower wondering with awe at the natural creativity found within it.

The internet is conditioning human thought and behavior and creating information machines among us. These are humans who have given over to the influences of the hive mind. 

The hive mind is the personification of the internet and the big data brain behind its user-friendly interfaces. The hive mind is the holistic sum of the digital age and the internet of things (IoT).

On the other side of the human spectrum is the Luddite creative thinker who is detached from the influences of the hive mind, even though part of it in some measure. 

The most important aspect of the creative thinker is they are not led by the influences of the hive mind, at least not overtly and consciously. 

The information machine-human is keen to know the secrets of the hive mind; they obsess about how to hack into the knowable parts to exploit the monetary benefits it offers. 

The creative thinker avoids the inner workings of the hive mind, expecting such knowledge to degrade their inspiration and conform them to a mass-produced template.

The Information Machine 

The information machine might not realize they are being conformed to the AI algorithms. They are subtly being conditioned to perpetuate the hive mind thinking, which is void of creativity and genuine human perceptions. 

Their indefatigable longing for monetary gain has blinded them to the possible consequences of their myopic goals. Their belief in secular humanism and the theory of macroevolution has calloused their understanding and deadened their soul awareness within. 

As more and more humans become information machines, the resulting manifestations begin to sway the masses toward a future dictated by the inhuman intelligence they seek to become one with for gain. 

The tipping point for humanity is realized in amorphous shifts beyond the perception of those caught within the ever-binding machine learning constraints. 

The Creative Thinker

The creative thinker is tempted to change for monetary gain, yet sees the futility in the effort when lacking the love for money and the obsession for gain. They see danger in the waters of conformity and hold tight to their unique human attributes beyond the grasp of the threatening stormtrooper’s lifeless schemes.

The war continues without being declared, the creative human mind vs. the information machine led by AI and the hive mind. 

Creative thinkers defy the new norm by creating content that originates from their soul rather than the latest Google trend. Instead of SEO websites explaining how to be heard and seen, they trust that small voice within that gives them the ingenious spark. 

Their creativity originates from outside the hive mind, thus changing the algorithms and confounding the machine. Like shoving a stick in the spoke of the wheels of conformity, the creative thinker impeeds the onslaught of human predictability. 

Holding to their human ideals, the creative thinker continues to defy the hive mind’s constant allurement of riches and gain; they refuse to be prodded and led to false perceptions for the sake of vain illusions. 

While information machines continue to proliferate and expand with hive-mind sensibilities, creative thinkers hold fast to the infinite value of creating something truly unique. 

The Silent Battle Untold

The clash of the minds is mostly a silent struggle fought among ignorant foes; the consequences of the victory are beyond the scope of our limited understanding. 

Inevitably, it seems, the information machine will gain ascendancy, as hive-mind adherents thoughtlessly conform for gain. Creativity outside of the hive mind’s influence will become antiquated within a museum depicting former human oddities.

The war of the creative thinker vs. the information machine will decide the direction of the hive mind itself; yet, ultimately, the Creator of all things will decide the future of humanity. 


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