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Houses Aren’t For the Average American


Most Americans are priced out of owning a house.

The powers to be in their infinite wisdom and social engineering manipulations have deemed the vast majority of Americans as unworthy of owning a house. 

You can live in a rented apartment or house, yet forget about buying a home, even one that is nearly 100 years old. 

Here is the pecking order of living standards as an adult:

  • Live with parents
  • Homeless in bushes
  • Homeless in car
  • Homeless in RV
  • Live in RV in an RV park with utilities
  • Live in a house with others sharing a bathroom and kitchen
  • Live in a quint or quad and share kitchen and bathroom
  • Live in a quint or quad and share kitchen, have own bathroom
  • Live in a studio apartment with own bathroom and kitchen
  • Live in a one-bedroom apartment
  • Live in a two or three-bedroom apartment
  • Live in a rented house
  • Live in a house you are buying
  • Live in a house you own (except for property taxes and eminent domain laws)

These cover most of the levels of living arrangements, yet not all. There is also living in a mobile home with space rent and on your own property, etc. 

The pecking order for living arrangements makes the point that buying and owning a house you are living in is at the top. 

Considering the median sales price for a single-family home is around $370k in the U.S. and the median household income is just below $71k, we can see that for most Americans owning a home isn’t an option. 

Here is an article I wrote that details the stats in Oregon and specifically in the high-cost-of-living area of Bend, OR. 

The main point I want to make is unless a person has:

  • VA loan
  • Inheritance of money or a house
  • household income over $100k/year

Then houses aren’t for you. 

You can rent a house and spend over half of your income each month on nothing that increases your wealth or value, but you can’t afford to buy a house. 

The common 20% down for a mortgage is $74k. Most people without high-paying jobs nor inheritances can’t afford to save this amount of money within their 20s and 30s while trying to raise a family or even live a married life with no children.

I realize there are special programs for some buyers to get nothing down — there are exceptions, but this is pointing out the general rule of what we have going on in the U.S.

For instance, I have a VA loan, so I don’t have to pay anything down and get low interest. I’m not worried about myself, it is the average American I’m advocating for. 

The average American who works hard at an honest labor job or even has a college degree. 

The attitude of “I got mine, so who cares about everyone else,” is what I don’t like about most modern Americans. 

Keep in mind, living with your parents as an adult is the lowest of the pecking order. I truly value independence. 

If hard-working Americans can’t afford to buy and work toward owning a home without an inheritance, VA loan, or high-paying job (usually for the government), then who are the houses for?

The houses are not for you. They are for commercial real estate investors, rich people with inheritances, and people who make a lot of money usually working for the government. I realize there are exceptions (like the VA loans, etc.).

In general, using your money to invest in a home is not an option for most hard-working Americans. 

  • You can pay rent for an apartment or house to make other people rich 
  • You can live in an RV in an RV park
  • You can live in a mobile home in a mobile home park 
  • You can live at home with your parents
  • You can live in your car or on the streets

Yet, you can’t live in a house, even one that was built 50–100 years ago. 

I just wanted to point out the problem most Americans are facing. They might not even realize this problem until they reach their 40s or 50s and still don’t have the money for the down payment. 

Most Americans are conditioned to simply be grateful to not be homeless. I understand this, as I’ve been homeless myself. I’ve lived every step of the pecking order except living with my parents as an adult and owning my own home. As of now, my wife and I are paying toward a home. 

What about all the hard-working honest Americans who can’t afford the massive down payment or the inflated mortgage payment? Don’t they deserve a modest house to live in?

When will the Americans who are paying toward or own their homes start advocating for the millions of Americans who have been told in so many ways:

“You don’t deserve your own house.”

The richest country on earth, the best country in the world and in history?

Explain to me this conundrum and don’t blame it on capitalistic independence because we have a socialist government as much as Europe, yet without the benefits for the citizens. 

I would happily go back to before 1913 when the Federal Reserve (a private organization given power by the Federal government) wasn’t around and Big Government didn’t manipulate every facet of our lives. It isn’t about me asking for our government to help us, but rather for our government to get off our backs and stop ruining our lives.


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