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I will always stand for America

The united states of America is my home, it is where I have my citizenship in the State of Oregon. I left the unites states lower case because that is how it used to be before the federal government became more important than the states that formed it. 

There are many reasons to want to leave America, yet the reasons not to are stronger. This is my country too, along with every other citizen. The difference between me and many other citizens is I love the good part about America, the essence of what it is. 

Many citizens hate America and are working very hard to change it into something else; what they don’t realize is America is special because of those things they are trying to destroy. 

Regardless of the haters, many people like myself still love this country, for what it is at its heart. We don’t want to change it into something that has proven to not work, we want to appreciate and enjoy it for what it is. 

With all the wokeness, I’ve struggled to love America, as my perception of modern America has been tainted by the mainstream, the establishment, which is being run mostly by people who hate this country and want to destroy everything good about it. 

I’ve realized that I can’t allow these people to change my view of America, even if part of it is represented by these types who take it for granted and hate it with prejudice. There will always be ungrateful people who blame their bad choices on something else, something stronger than them. 

The other day, I saw three young country boys playing in a field. They were brothers who were playing with a toy airplane. They didn’t have smartphones, they weren’t connected to a screen; rather, they were playing outside just like I did when I was a boy, and just like every generation of boys have since this country began. 

This snapshot of these boys playing in a field with their toy airplane in America made me realize there is something very special we have to fight for. While I don’t have children of my own, I do have stepchildren, nephews, and nieces, and I care about the children of my neighbors. 

America is our country, and if we lose it to strangers and hostile elements within, then we won’t have anywhere for our boys to fly toy planes. If we lose our counties, states, and nation, then we won’t have anywhere to go and live our lives without hostility and enslavement. 

It doesn’t matter if all hell breaks loose, or if I’m the last one standing who loves this country, as long as I stand for what I know is right, and I know America at its core is right and good. 

Many evil things have been done and are being done in the name of America by those who hate this country and what is good. I’m not standing for those things, I’m standing for the real America, the country that believes in goodness, righteousness, individual liberty, and freedom for all. 

I’m not interested in nitpicking the problems with a fallible government even when it was at its best. This is the best we have and could do with the circumstances presented at the time. 

The real America lives on in those citizens who love it and stand for it despite the evil being done in its name. We don’t support the evil, as this element is anti-American and seeks to destroy the real America. 

I find myself living in a red county in a blue state. One could very well define the real America by the color red, and the anti-America by the color blue. Maybe the blue would argue their version is the real America, but they are wrong, as their version doesn’t line up with what the real America was and is, period. 

The real America will continue, even if only in the hearts of those who love and stand for it. Maybe the blue areas of this country will be lost as they implode from their own destructive decisions, yet the red states will remain because the people within them love themselves, God, and this country, therefore, treat them accordingly with respect and honor. 

Living among hostile people who hate you for no reason except for your true love for America and God, isn’t going to work for long. Eventually, most people will have to gather in locations where people think like they do, so they can live peaceful lives with people who aren’t hostile to them. This will result in a continued migration to red states, counties, etc. 

Eventually, the blue areas will implode from their own madness and will have only themselves to blame. Meanwhile, the real America will continue in the red areas, as we stand our ground against all enemies foreign and domestic. 

While I can’t stand most of modern America depicted in mainstream and establishment media and institutions, I know this perception and social engineering agenda comes from those who hate this country and its people. The real America lies beyond this fabricated illusion of hate and deception — this is the America I will always stand for no matter what. 

The real America is full of good people who love God, freedom, and truth. This element of our country will remain no matter what forces of hell come against it, and this is the element that I am proud to be a part of. This is the element of people I want to live around, as only then can I live a peaceable existence with neighbors who aren’t hostile to me for no good reason. 


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