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What are the values driving American society?

Where do our values come from anymore?

As Americans, we share similar experiences from culture, society, and geography in some measure. Many of us have been here for generations and have a historical connection as well. Even going back to where we came from before we came to America. 

Most of us can talk about similar movies, television shows, music, sports, and historical events that shaped our lives. 

The Holy Bible used to create the majority of the values in America, yet now I would say the majority of the values come from social media. 

Social media has replaced the Holy Bible when it comes to creating the values of American society. 

Even the mainstream values before the smartphone and social media on the internet were much better than what we have now. 

When we watched a sitcom, a movie, or listened to a song, we learned values such as:

  • being honest
  • caring for family and friends
  • being a productive member of a community
  • helping someone in need
  • staying true to our marriage partner and friends
  • doing the right thing
  • having integrity
  • being humble and thoughtful
  • respecting other people
  • being modest about our sexuality
  • work hard for what you get
  • be accountable for actions and thoughts

Now, with social media creating our values, we have all but forgotten these. The new values include:

  • betray your spouse or friend if it benefits yourself
  • lie about things if it benefits yourself
  • have no shame about being a prolific fornicator
  • be a pervert and have no shame
  • be a criminal if you can get away with it
  • stab a friend in the back if it benefits yourself
  • have no shame about being a hypocrite
  • sell out your soul and values for material gain
  • have no shame about being vain and materialistic
  • have no shame about being lazy and entitled
  • allow the public to see your personal life on social media
  • gossip about other people to the public on social media

I realize we are under a sophisticated social engineering program that is conditioning us to lose our values and become degenerate, yet I wonder if people are clearly seeing the changes. 

I also realize the powers to be are targeting the younger generations that aren’t familiar with the older values, thus making it easier to program them with the degeneracy we have today. 

Still, the type of values we are being socially engineered to have now go against our conscience as human beings. 

These degenerate values are the easy road, the path of least resistance, yet they still go against what we know intrinsically as destructive and wrong. People are accountable for adopting these new values even if the culture and society (represented through social media) validate them as good and empowering. 

Even many of the older Hollywood movies have good values. The main character is usually someone we are rooting for, the plot line something we are hoping turns out well, and the climax something we are inspired by. All of this requires good character for us to feel good about the movie. 

I realize there were also many evil movies with wicked plots and themes, yet the progression of these has steadily increased over the decades. The same goes for music, television, magazines, books, and now social media. 

Everything is getting darker, values are getting more degenerate, and themes and plots more evil. 

Essentially, the social engineering program is trying to make what is good evil and what is evil good (Isaiah 5:20). They are turning everything upside down and backward. 

The fruit of this subtle change is evil, yet people can’t readily perceive the programming, nor can they conceive why this agenda is happening. 

Slowly, we have drifted from good values to now accepting degenerate values that lead to destructive thinking and behaviors. Our individual lives and communities are worse for the change. 

Most people just go along with the prevalent flow, as this benefits their ability to make money and get along with the majority of people in society. 

Just look at the majority of articles written on Medium (if they are even written by humans anymore and not AI). They simply parrot the main themes of the hive mind of society, they simply go along with the prominent themes being programmed by those who control the internet and influencing factors of society/culture. 

Most people are simply trying to gain popularity, earn money, and become an influencer of some sort with their virtual brand. Multiply this by billions of people across hundreds of social media platforms and you have a powerful social engineering tool to control the thoughts and behaviors of the masses — to create the values of the society you are trying to control. 

So, ask yourself, what are the values driving Americans as a whole and where do they come from? Then, ask yourself if those are the values you want to live by as well.

As for me and my house, we will live by the values of the Holy Bible (1611 AV KJV), which are becoming more and more the opposite of the values social media are creating for the majority of Americans. 

By the way, the values of the Holy Bible aren’t those of a theocracy in a fallen world, so going back to the Holy Roman Empire with false religion ruling isn’t going to help.

Every person has to take responsibility for the values they believe and the effects they have on others. The values taught by the inspired Holy Bible are righteous, good, and true. Hopefully, people will realize this despite the hatred the programming has instilled in them for the book. 


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