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The Privilege of Writing on Medium

Maybe this is a perspective only older people can relate to. 

When I was in high school in the mid-90s, I used a typewriter to accomplish my essay assignments that needed to be typed. This really wasn’t that long ago, yet how things have changed.

Part of this change is people’s perspectives when it comes to being entitled to write online. Not only do they now expect to be published on sites like Medium, but also make money. And if the money isn’t enough for them to make a living they are critical of the entire platform, like it owes them something.

I realize writers need to make money to live, so write a book or submit articles to magazines and other paying publications. Sign a book deal with a publishing house or self-publish, etc.

There are so many different ways to make money writing now; the difficult part is everyone else is doing it too, which makes it hard to stand out and find an audience.

Even on Medium, the competition is thick with so many different types of people trying to vie for attention for so many different reasons. Some are writers, some are marketers, and some are just trying to make money and be digital nomads.

Whatever the case, writers should consider it a privilege to write on Medium and online in general. If you can make any money without having to be published by a reputable traditional publisher, then count it a privilege.

For one reason or another, I never attained regular internet access until late 2013. From there I hit the ground running and wrote up a storm. Unfortunately, my writing skills weren’t very good, so the process was painful and embarrassing at times.

Eventually, I got better, yet I still don’t think the craft is up to par many times. Nevertheless, I’m able to write on a quality platform like Medium, which I consider a privilege.

Would I continue to write here if I didn’t make money?

At the time, I don’t make money, yet I am awaiting the pennies to come rolling in soon.

If the site didn’t have incentive then it wouldn’t be worth writing here or syndicating content, as there wouldn’t be a large audience.

Since it does provide incentive, then yes, I would continue to write here even if I didn’t make money because of the exposure.

Medium is the best writing site online in the world. Today on Alexa it is ranked #114 in the world.

After writing on typewriters in high school, journal pads in my 20s, and then online in my 30s and 40s, I can safely say, it is a privilege to write on Medium.

I just wanted to say this plainly because some people may not know it. They may think it is a privilege for Medium to have them writing on its platform.

They may fancy themselves worthy of making a living by writing whatever comes to their mind every day on this site.

It is part of the social engineering agenda, to condition the younger generations into this entitlement mentality, this self-important stance. The perception that social media has created is easy money for displaying an obsession with self devoid of meaning and substance. Logan Paul comes to mind — people like that.

I want to encourage young people to write and practice the craft, yet be humble because you have a long ways to go and a lot to learn.

I realize with google at their fingertips, people may begin to think they really do know everything, yet without wisdom and experience, how can you filter the information? Wisdom and knowledge require time and humility — there is no shortcut or secret.

There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are something when they are not.

Be grateful for the ability to write online, it is a privilege to write at places like Medium. If you aren’t able to make money through traditional writing avenues then consider it a bonus to make anything at all through places like Medium and NewsBreak.

Use it to build an audience for your blogs or website. Use it to share your writings and thoughts with other writers and thinkers. Use it with gratefulness in your mind, rather than expectations of making a certain amount, especially to make a living.

If making money writing about whatever is on your mind doesn’t work, hey, get a real job.

Working is good for people. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Stop trying to be on top right from the start!

Happy writing. 

Originally published at Medium


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